You Get What You Give – Leadership seminar

As one of our ways of ensuring students get the right positive influence and exposure, Canjud Global Enterprises carried out a leadership seminar with the school Prefects of Saint John of God secondary school, Awka, Anambra state. The purpose of the seminar is to give these students standard preparation for what they are going to face ahead. In truth, if they can be trusted with this position at this point in their life, they definitely will be able to control better positions as far as they go.

So this is the full video of the leadership seminar that we had with the school functionaries of Saint John of God secondary school Awka, Anambra State. We believe that with this event, the functionaries will be leaving a landmark by the time their tenure ends. See full video below:

Canjud Global Enterprises is focused on creating values in secondary school students now and Everytime. Do leave us a comment below.

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