Chukwuma Ngozi (Not real name) a graduate of English & Literary studies/History & International Relations (combined Honours), UNN shares her story of getting a job after her service year in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.

National Youth Service Corp Members


Well, before the job was a young corper waiting her POP (Passing Out Parade), living her life and doing her fruit salad business to augment alawee (Monthly allowances). Free Spirited, adventurous, fun filled, and goal oriented.

Family house remained fun with all its craze and I never planned to go back after service since there were no jobs waiting at home. I always hoped on getting something doing immediately after service. I dreaded being stranded or having to look for job, hence, the NACC daily prayer was a personal one for me, especially the part that talked about getting a Job after service year. So I was very much open minded. I had started very much early to apply and look out for Jobs. I got one; a JAMB/WAEC lesson job paying just five hundred naira an hour, I had three hours to teach each day. I took English and Literature and I taught for three days in a week. That wasn’t much, but it didn’t really matter because I love teaching. It was and remains a career path I will definitely venture in.

I had to hold on to a source of income because NYSC at that point was already a wrap and that means alawee was ended and having been scammed of my savings towards the end, I had nothing to fall back on, so I knew I needed to start from the scratch. Good news, the lesson pioneer linked me to a teaching job in one of the secondary schools around after I shared my dreams of finding something doing here (Akwa Ibom) after service; preferably teaching. I was to be paid 25k monthly. I didn’t mind… That was at least something to hold on to while I look out for better opportunities. I was to resume after POP because my NYSC certificate will be needed.

Lying down and pressing my phone that evening, someone knocked on the door and entered our room, It was a fellow corp member, she had come to see my roommate. They were discussing, talking about some form they filled online and I was listening the whole time while still on my phone. They said it was chicken republic, they had filled the form online and were called for a written interview. I love tests, exams and all those intellectual stuffs so I said I wanted to go with them. “But you didn’t fill the form online, what if they bounce you?” Calista asked Jokingly, I told her it was just for fun, I was just looking for intellectual stimulation. Chizoba my roommate encouraged me. She said I might be lucky, that I should try applying for it, she gave me the link.

I called my paddy (Close friend) Peter, I didn’t have data, I sent him everything. He tried applying, it didn’t work. Well, I still prepared and followed them the next day. It was supposed to be cruise. I didn’t believe I stood any chances, for me, I was just going for one of my numerous adventures.

We went very early, they said it was an afternoon activity, we went home and came back later. Exam set, filled with mathematics, even the English questions there were looking like mathematics too. An English graduate like me, when was the last time I touched maths? Well, I knew I was never bad at Mathematics though. Being bad at Mathematics wasn’t the reason I went for Arts, It was rather because I was more art inclined, and despite my mother’s pressure, I followed my passion. We wrote the exams, they said if we passed, we would be sent a message. How would I pass? Will they even call me? Me that did not apply online.

We the family house crew that went made all sorts of Jokes about the exams as we went home. I just told them I want to just pass the exams, even if I failed the oral interview, because then I will prove to myself that I was still good in maths. For the exams, different people from all works of life came. Big men and women who seemed more experienced and even smarter.

I went home and started discussing with Piro my paddy. Oga said I will pass, he infact said I will get the job. “Get which job na Oga? Did you know what I saw in that exam hall?” He said unless it was a connection thing, but if it will be judged based on intellect, I will get it. Wo! This one is just trying to give me hopes. I waited for text message, for where? People were getting… hmmm… I just thanked God for them and kept waiting. Finally, it entered. See joy; ahhh… I was invited for Oral interview. We were seven from family house that went for the interview, neither my roommate nor her friend made it. I felt bad, I wish they did too, after all I got the info from them; but no wahala… God probably had a better plan for them.

Interview day came, I went. I had never been to an interview before, what did I know I was going to say? Peter sent me sone interview questions, me that was nervous, I read and went. At the interview, it was a beautiful lady and a fine man. Questions started coming, they said I wasn’t loud, that I should be bold. Wo, make I no go use because of bold, shout for interviewer. They said I had a good smile, I can’t remember what I said and the lady laughed. Ah… cool… I can now relax. They asked many questions, I answered the ones I could and went home. They said if I made it, they will email me. The job I wasn’t serious with now started giving me sleepless nights.

Everyday I was checking and rechecking my email. Stephen came to tell me he has been emailed. Ewo! Anxiety increased by 20. I tapped into his blessing. At a point, I stopped checking, I decided to stop thinking about the job, maybe I and Jude didn’t make it. Then I got a message in my inbox to check my email. I checked and nothing was there. Stephen suggested I checked spam messages, I checked and there was the email all these while. Wow! I was called for documentation. Ah! They said I got the job. I won again…

Okay, now it’s time for requirements, they said guarantor of 35 years, here in Akwa Ibom (I only served here remember) … How nah? How do I find such? But then the sweetest thing about family house is that there is always a solution to every problem except the one you shared with no one. I started talking to everyone. Our Mama Lovelyn and Chizoba my roommate had a solution, I was to meet our chaplain. Okay, but I needed two guarantors. I told another Revd Fr. The H.O.D. of the section where I served. I had taught C.R.S. while serving and he was the head of our department. I ran to him; he was very willing to help out. He said I never missed classes and was early to school those days, so apparently, I was in his good books. Documentation done and dusted, we waited to be called to start.

And did I add the miracle in-between the documentation process? Just keep following, we will tell you the story of how I did not get my certificate with the other corp members despite being a good corp member. For now, let me continue.

For this Job, Only I and Stephen was employed. Jude, another paddy of mine, wasn’t. I felt bad for him, we had come this far. But obviously, God always has better plans, because Oga is somewhere nice now and that was it. I went to get a uniform as recommended by the offer letter and waited for the resumption date 15th as I wondered what kind of Job this will be.

In the coming post, I talked about my experiences during the training period… To read it, click here It is the continuation of this story. Click now… Meanwhile, what are your experiences with life after NYSC? How do you feel after reading this piece? What else will you like me to talk about? Leave your comment in the comment section below, and we will be glad to engage you.


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    This piece exemplifies everything I love about your prose:
    novel angles, judicious study, riveting tone. Well done!

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