The activities of Canjud Global enterprises in the schools we work can be seen in videos posted in this channel… Feed your eyes with great contents and see the wonders these young can do.

Leadership seminar with Saint John of God secondary school Awka by Canjud Global Enterprises

So this is the full video of the leadership seminar that we had with the school functionaries of Saint John of God secondary school Awka, Anambra State. We believe that with this event, the functionaries will be leaving a landmark by the time their tenure ends. Canjud Global Enterprises is focused in creating values in secondary school students now and Everytime. Do leave us a comment below.

Interview from a smart Student of St Lucy secondary school, Awka on our skills acquisition training

So in order to continue the work of allowing teenagers and young people gain positive exposure in the real world through horning their skills among other things we do, a student of one of our partners, Saint Lucy international secondary school Awka, did her final year project with us and we did this brief interview with her. The things she said filled our heart with warmth… We are in the business of giving opportunities to young people through their skills and schools. And one of the schools we partner with is Saint Lucy international secondary school Awka. Consider sending your ward there too. Do leave us a comment in the comments section and share this video…

Canjud Students Online Voting and Manifesto presentation at Saint John of God secondary school, Awka

So we (Canjud Global Enterprises) in partnership with St John of God Secondary school, Awka, Anambra State organised an online voting system so that the students have the opportunity to vote for their students functionaries (School prefects), this exercise saw a great success. Before the election, we carried out a manifesto presentation by the prospective functionaries and all of these we did so as to sensitise Students from their young age to understand the importance of elections in our society. It was a success, and so the school manager, Rev Fr Malachy granted us an interview regarding the exercise. Hear what he has to say. And do recommend us to other schools, Canjud Global Enterprises has a lot to offer young people. smile.


Secondary school students sing to show off their preparedness for the interschool competition… The little students singing a Christian hymn will definitely make you smile.


The saint Lucy secondary school students learning to recreate in drawing, the arts that they see. Giving these students the best chance to practically acquire skills is our way of ensuring they have a great future.


A Canjud Global Enterprises students film project… Proudly sponsored by Afrobond TV/Film Academy…

A bright school girl is faced with depression as a result of the challenge of being hated by her other students… Her final decision towards life will repel the very precept of morals…


A Canjud Global Enterprises students film project… Proudly sponsored by Afrobond TV/Film Academy…

A school boy turns against his friend and care giver on the advise of rumour mongers and risks losing a good friend to bad advise…

How I sold my own product for the first time

The student tells her experience with the training at her school and how she successfully sold her first product, made by her own hands….

How to make Chinchin/ Sandwich

Preview videos of students making Chinchin and sandwich by themselves after being taught by our organisation…

How to make Chinchin/ Sandwich

How to make Liquid Soap and simple events decoration

Preview video of students learning the art of making liquid soaps as well as making decorations for events….

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