You know, in a society where there is a rise and fall in the economy as a result of political or natural disasters which have led to the loss of jobs or the lack of finance required to solve personal issues and needs, the importance of getting sources of income to solve myriad of problems cannot be over-emphasized. Hence, even though one may have a job, the earned salary may not be enough to solve all the desired needs, therefore one may need other sources of income which one can engage in from the comfort of one’s home without distracting one from other important activities…

Getting Dream Jobs

You should know then that there are a number of quick businesses that you can start with no required capital. All you need is your phone or laptop and data, and with these items you can begin to make from N100, 000 to N1,000,000 (hundred thousand to one million naira) monthly, depending on how seriously you follow and take this business.

The truth is you don’t really need a real job to progress in your life, as a matter of fact, with the recent covid 19 pandemic and other natural disasters, statistics show that there is a decline in employment rate. This therefore proves the need to create easy and quick self-employment for one.

Of the best quick and very profitable businesses you can engage in from the comfort of your home, this guide covers THREE (3) of those BUSINESS ideas which can surely help you earn income in six figures. Well, not all three of them will work for everyone, but you can pick one or more out of these three businesses which will work for you as we guide you through the business. And more importantly is the fact that these business ideas are easy to begin, for to earn from it, you must be ready to start work as soon as practicable. 

Ready? Alright let’s move to the best part of this Guide… WE MOVE

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Fortunately, there are a number of businesses you can do from the comfort of your home, whether your reason for wanting such business is because you are a nursing mother, or a father who just want more time with family, or for side/passive income or for whatever the reason maybe, well it is very necessary to have some sort of passive income, and the internet has made this possible and we are here to help you through your success journey in any or all of these businesses. If you are ready, then we are ready.

Three sure businesses you can leverage on and rake in profits include:


E- Commerce or Online marketing, whichever way you wish to address it, is a steadily growing business in the world today. This business makes money in billions for the few persons who own them, and do you know the best part of it?


Oh yes, just imagine you have an online store with different merchants who pays you 20% of the sales made from your online store, and you make ten sales per day with a profit of say N3,000 from each sales… 20% of N3000 is N600 now multiply by 10 that is N6,000 and multiply by 30 days in a month, that would be N180,000… that could be what you get just by sitting at home and monitoring your online store… Oh, and more sales will equal more profits…

This however is not magic, it will require a little work from you so as to understand fully how it works.

Basically, affiliate marketing means selling other people’s products and getting your commission or profit out of it. Sounds small right?

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Well, you’d be surprised that there is a lot of money to earn from this one, and it is a lot easier to do, because you do not have to make the products you sell, neither do you have to rent an uber to send the product to your customers.

It is an intangible product that is transferrable online, so all you need to do is get the trust of your customers and ensure you keep their trust by always delivering as and at when due, the stronger the bond between you and your customers, the more your sales.

A very sweet way to make money online.

Wait a second, are you just getting to know that there are a lot of money to be made through blogging? Or are you part of those who feel blogging is difficult? Or no… do you really think there is no money in blogging from your home? OH NO!!! You’re just wrong!

Blogging is sweet and easy to do with your smart phone or your laptop from the comfort of your table or bed in your room. You can blog and make much more money.

Now to make money online through blogging, there are some certain things you must know aside writing and posting the things you like and posting what people need… And I am not saying it is very easy to do, but trust me it is not as difficult to make money through blogging as you think.


Are you looking for a raise in your source of income, or do you think the work you do is not for your type? Or do you not have a job? Or do you want to just have fun surfing the internet and making plenty of money from it?

Why not just try any of the above businesses, and surprise yourself with the kinds of profit you’d make from it…

Cletus Udeze

Executive Officer

The Beauty of Life is in the Art we make of it..

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