It eventually paid off! – Interview with a Smart Student on our Skills Acquisition Training

It is no news that Canjud Global Enterprises is in the business of ensuring a better future for young people by creating a path for them through helping them actualise a standard future by empowering them in skills acquisition and business/career exposure.

So in order to continue the work of allowing teenagers and young people gain positive exposure in the real world through horning their skills among other things we do, a student of one of our partners, Saint Lucy international secondary school Awka, did her final year project with us and we did this brief interview with her. The things she said filled our heart with warmth… See the video of the interview below:

We are in the business of giving opportunities to young people through their skills and schools. And one of the schools we partner with is Saint Lucy international secondary school Awka. Consider sending your ward there too. Do leave us a comment in the comments section and share this post…

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