At Canjud Global Enterprises, we carry out seminars and workshops, targetting the minds of the students/Youths. This is to build in them the ideology of positive onward movements which we try to practically imbibe in them through our practical trainnings. So that, the students not only learn the skills they are taught, but also learn how to make value from these skills.

Skills Acquisition

We practically train the youths/ Students of our clients on various practical skills that could make them immediate and future income depending on the time they resume practice. Interesting and engaging practical skill acquisition trainings are carried out through the schools where a good number of students can be met.

Business/Extra Curricular

We also engage in other businesses like online school where we provide virtual quality education to both old and young students, sales of books and other educational material to support our venture of promoting good life for young people.
More so, we engage in other extra curricular activities with the students... These activities include: Excursions, Scholarship activities, Video productions, Press activities, intra and inter-school sports competitions, talent hunts, social events, cultural festivals to mention but a few. These events which occur annually is geared towards making education a lot more interesting and engaging for the students.

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