About Canjud Online School

Canjud Online School is coming soon

What to Expect ?

Canjud Online School will grant students access to online learning of all the subjects and topics from secondary school level. 

Students will be able to learn effectively and independently in their leisure through videos explanation and free text books for adequate training.

Aside the free textbooks and videos explanation for all subjects, students will be prepared through this online classes for their internal and external exams. 

After this training students will be able to pass exams like UTME, SSCE, IELTS, etc. very easily as the online classes will be made easy for the students.

Canjud Community ?

This will be a social media platform and community where students can socialise, meet virtually, ask intellectual questions as well as gain answers to their questions… 

Through this platform, information regarding examinations, education and opportunities will be disseminated.

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