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Be the source of happiness for a needy child

Donate your used secondary school textbooks, or new text books for students who cannot afford them. Render financial assistance to indigent students or Render financial assistance to support the promotion of young students' skills acquisition activities below.

Our Story

Learn Why We Do What We Do.

Why We Started...

Canjud Global Enterprises was born out of the need to solve the issues of gross unemployment rate in Africa as well as introduce advance practical skills training to young people which is meant to enable them become innovators and employers in the nearest future. In addition we are meant to work with government and proprietors to promote the standard of learning in Africa.

To achieve the above, there is need to work with secondary schools. However, the progress of reaching students through secondary schools is limited by the high rate of out of school children  which is as a result of poverty in African countries. Parents lack the required funding to train their young ones through school, and some of those with the funding, lack enough to afford their kids the required text books and materials for adequate learning. To solve this problem is why we introduce the Canjud Home of Charity.

There are kind people who may want to render financial help to students or other people to help them through schools, this kind of charitable giving will be appreciated. There are also those who may not have money enough to donate to indigent students, but may have their used text books, school materials, clothes or other things that could be helpful for these students, those items can be sent across to us through Canjud Home of Charity and you will be rest assured that the students will receive them. And in fact, you will receive feedback from the child who uses your material.

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                                  → October, 2022 

What We Do...

Canjud Home of Charity creates a window where help can be easily rendered to young high school students who need it in Nigeria and across.

This help can be given to the needy either in form of materials like text books, workbooks, computers, writing materials, sponsorship for excursions, etc.

It can also be rendered through financial donations. The finances donated through Canjud Home of Charity will be used to either further assist indigent students or to sponsor activities that will further promote the skills of secondary school students.

In summary, Canjud Home of Charity, receives material and financial assistance from donors and  delivers it for the betterment of the skills of students.

                        → November, 2022. ⇑

How Far We've Gone

Since we started and to this time, we have carried out workshops and seminars with various secondary schools in Nigeria where the skills and cognitive abilities of secondary school students are broadened.

We have in fact carried out exhibitions to show the materials produced by secondary school students. This has further shown how far the students have gone in learning through us.

We hope that in the future more heights and assistance both financially and materially will be rendered to the students.

                                                     → Till Date

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