Canjud Global Enterprises
Canjud Global Enterprises

The sole aim of Canjud Global Enterprises is to promote innovative reasoning and encourage economic self-reliance among the youths through practical trainings and continuous development activities with hope to inculcate in students the ability to create, innovate, and completely eradicate poverty in our society, and also lead schools to becoming trailblazers in solving economic problems through her standards and means of educating students.

We do this by Partnering with prestigious secondary schools across Nigeria and practically train all students of our school-partners on various skills. We also go ahead to create platforms where these students can practice what we teach them with a view to learning the art of doing real business themselves and making money for themselves.

We teach and inculcate leadership qualities in the students so that from their secondary school level they will already be braced to take over the market in whatever field or endeavour they choose to follow.


Mission Statement

To be the leading organisation saddled with promoting talents in young people and giving them various platforms and opportunities to show off their abilities to the world, presenting themselves as a marketable value in exchange for a better life. 


At Canjud Global Enterprises, we believe that the key to a better nation is investing in the strength and skills of the young and coming untapped talents of the younger generation, as the application of these virgin talents has a huge prospect in rebuilding waning economies.

We believe that the best place to catch these young ones in their numbers is at their places of learning, and since our projects is also a learning process for these young ones, combining ours alongside the traditional school system will make great impact.

Ngozi Udeze Tega – Head of Accounts

Ngozi, is the Head of Accounts in Canjud Global Enterprises. She puts in dedication and experience in balancing the accounts of the organisation, giving regular financial advise on how the organisational finances are managed to ensure that the day to day activities of the organisation both for the students’ practical trainings and all other activities of our organisation is smoothly run and well managed.

Ngozi is an accountant who also works at Bestwestern Plus Elomaz Hotel. She has a Knack for Achieving both professional and personal goals.

Peter Okeke – Zonal Director

Peter is the zonal Director in Canjud Global Enterprises. Putting in his professional advise and long years of experience in helping to ensure the students of schools get great value through our training, as well as ensure that in every other services we render, our clients close deals with us smiling in satisfaction to their homes.

Peter is a Medical Entomologist, Data Analyst, Biostatistisian, Peer Educator Trainer, Researcher with Opec Research Consult. 

Uchechukwu Vision Ubajekwe – Human Resource Manager

Uche,  is the Human Resource Manager at Canjud Global Enterprises. She is responsible for developing and implementing HR strategies to attract, retain, and develop top talent. She manages recruitment processes and oversee employee relations by fostering a positive work environment and providing valuable resources and support to employees, she strives to create a thriving and cohesive team.

She is also a project Manager, Digital Marketer and Social Media Manager.


With the partnership of secondary schools across the country, and the support of parents, and well meaning individuals/organisations, we will give the school students a future to hope for.

Cletus A. N. Udeze — Managing Director
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