We did Magic with a Short Film at Saint John of God Secondary School (Video)

So earlier this week, we at CANJUD GLOBAL ENTERPRISES were at SAINT JOHN OF GOD GIRLS’ SECONDARY SCHOOL, shooting a short film. It proved to be a very hectic production, yet the desire and interest displayed by these girls made it all worth their while.

Throughout the production, the manager of Canjud Global Enterprises worked diligently to capture every moment in the story, they found themselves pondering a fitting name for the production. “Saving Grace” was one option considered, but after experiencing goosebumps upon hearing the voices of the girls, they began to lean towards “Hallelujah” as a more resonant choice.

It was a day they knew they wouldn’t soon forget, eagerly awaiting the release. They couldn’t contain their excitement.

For those curious about the source of this enthusiasm, a visit to Canjud Global Enterprises’s pages on Facebook and YouTube is in order. There, you can anticipate the unveiling of this remarkable project.

Meanwhile, we encourage everyone to enjoy these delightful behind-the-scenes shots… Just Click the link below:

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