Instead of Emigrating

What if people decide to stay back and build on the endless opportunities in Nigeria instead of to Japa (emigrate)? Is there really anywhere it is easier to make this money without putting in the work? Is problems no longer the pit where money can be dug from by finding solutions? Is necessity no longer the mother of invention?

I remember the days when we were young primary school children. The days when we cared not about our ethnicity. Be you Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Ibibio, it just didn’t matter, we were all friends, what mattered to us then was Just playing. We enjoyed playing rough together in school, and on our way back from school, if we found any running tap by the street sides, we would rush to it, put our hands together as though we wanted to beg, let the water rush down into our hands and then we scooped from it and drank until we are filled. Ha! I will talk about this life we enjoyed as kids in a later post.

Meanwhile, those were the days of ice water. People put water in transparent nylons and put inside the fridge for it to get cold and then sold it as ice water… How much was it even sold for then? Was it one naira? Abi 50 kobo? Well, the reason for selling drinkable water in that manner then was definitely not because there wasn’t access to drinkable water, it was rather to make cold water easily accessible to road users and other people especially during hot weathers… Cold water was a necessity and I do not know whom, but putting it in a nylon and selling it was definitely one person’s idea first before others cued in.

Now to make that business of selling ice water in transparent nylon healthier was probably the cause of the current sealed sachet water we now buy for an exorbitant amount of twenty naira per sachet. Ha! Wahala!

Well in all these, there was a problem and while one man found the solution of getting cold water through transparent nylons to road users as a commodity, another man improved on that idea by putting same water in sealed nylons and selling for a higher price.

My point here is, there is a lot of problem in Nigeria now following the bad choices of our government. In these problems are solutions which can bring the money to an individual while making life better for other Nigerians. Instead of thinking that japa (emigrating) is the only option, how about dissecting these problems and finding financially promising solutions to them and pushing to make your life better back at home, or is there now a place better than home?

And you who do not have sponsors to help you japa… Are you now thinking in this line already?

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