Does Hard Work Really Pay off?

Is there anything we were told as children that has not been debunked?

Like ‘Boy! go to school, read hard, you’d graduate and get a good job’…

‘Boy, work hard and you’d be rich, hard work really pays!


Does Hard work really pay?

The African proverb goes, “What an old man sees sitting on a stool, a small boy may not see even while standing on the tree top”. If our fathers say it pays… Then maybe it does…

I however choose to see hard work as relative.

Over time, many people have grown to see hard work as that type of work where so much physical strength is applied…

If the iron bender down the street breaking his back under the sun and in the rain thinks he works harder than the CEO who ‘just’ enjoys air condition from office to car to other offices to car and to his comfortable home… Do you think he’d be right?

You know the real problem? we were told to work hard as hard work pays…

“Hard work”? why not “sweet work”? I mean who says we cannot enjoy the work we do and still get really paid?

Why not smart work?

Yes hard work pays, but have you thought about adding a touch of unique thinking to your work? Have you thought of enjoying the work, going around and making research on how to make it better?

When you enjoy the work it will no longer be hard, it’d become sweet…

Will it then stop paying you? Definitely not!

Will it be hardwork? well at least not for you…

And will you be happy?

Hmm, how about a practice to get answer to that question?

What’s the work you do? Make research, browse online for ways to make that thing you do easier and more profitable, wake up everyday and do that same thing, adding newer methods to it and counting your blessings…

When you do this for a while come back here and tell us which one pays better, “Hard work?” Or “Happy smart work?”

© Cletus Udeze

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