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Young and Successful

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Unleash your untapped potential and soar to unprecedented heights of success with the transformative wisdom of “Young and Successful” – the ultimate E-book guide for ambitious individuals ready to conquer the business world at a young age.

This E-book, Young and successful is a Canjud Global Enterprises research work which was created to guide young people towards success in business or/and Career. Reading through this book, you will learn the terminologies and attitudes that will set you up for business/career success. Though this book was written with teenagers and young people in mind, it is also a recommended guide for adults in pursuit of business/Career success.

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Unlock the secrets to youthful success with “Young and Successful”! This empowering business tutorial book is your ultimate guide to conquering the corporate world at a young age. Packed with proven strategies, expert advice, and real-life stories of triumph, it’s a must-have resource for ambitious individuals ready to soar to new heights. Learn how to harness your unique strengths, navigate challenges, and make your mark in the business arena. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a driven professional, “Young and Successful” will equip you with the tools to turn your dreams into reality. Get ready to ignite your potential and become a true trailblazer in your industry. It’s time to seize your moment and achieve greatness – order your copy today!

Young and Successful is a book research of Canjud Global Enterprises, compiled in order to help guide young and coming business minded or career minded people through the world of practical successful business life.

The CAYB club is a students’ social society where students are meant to learn through practice, the terminologies and processes of achieving a successful business or career life. Students in CAYB club will engage in practical business activities to sharpen and prepare them for the real business or career world.

The students will:

Plan, discuss and further buttress the skills acquisition and business goals in their school.

They will organize internal school activities which will have positive impact on the school and students.

The club will be made up of volunteer business minded students and this book will be a guide for the club’s training and activities.

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  1. Vivian

    This is a very nice read, got a lot of business insights from the book.

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